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Diabetic Foot Care

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The American Diabetes Association states that millions upon millions of people in the USA suffer from diabetes. If you suffer from diabetes you are likely well aware of how important it is to seek professional care of your feet. Diabetics frequently experience a reduction of blood supply and a loss of feeling to the feet. This means that a foot injury or wound may not heal as quickly or at all.

Unfortunately statistics show that diabetics have a significantly higher chance of toe, foot or leg amputation due to infection or gangrene. The best ways to avoid this drastic intervention are to keep your blood sugar levels under control and practice basic diabetic foot care.

It is vital that you constantly monitor your feet as the consequences of diabetes can be severe. Even a small blister from an ill fitting shoe can cause major damage. Diabetes can make injuries and wounds very slow to heal.

If you are diabetic you should make sure to check your feet every day for:

• Puncture wounds
• Pressure areas
• Bruises
• Warmth
• Redness
• Scratches
• Ulcers
• Cuts
• Nail problems
• Infection
• Dry Skin

Diabetic foot care is an essential component of the diabetic patients comprehensive medical care. Please allow the Jewett Podiatry Center of Danvers, Mass to provide this important service to you today.

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